Regulations and Rules of Building

Attached to the lease document is a description of the San Diego commercial building rules and regulations. Tenants should plan ahead and be aware of major rules and regulations before construction and move-in to ensure that these processes go smoothly.

It can be challenging for a tenant to schedule to move from one building to another on the same day.

  • Tenant should contact building manager when a definite date of move is known. Make sure that usage of the freight elevator is reserved/arranged.
  • Find out if a building allows more than one move per day. Tenant move in and out time and cost can be greatly increased if there is only one freight elevator and the building allows more than one move per day.
  • It is very critical to plan the timing with the old and new landlord. Usually before or after regular business hours move in and out can occur. This is so because Landlords do not want to disrupt the businesses of existing tenants.

Major Building Rules and Regulations are as follows:

  1. An insurance certificate must be provided by moving company in advance of move.
  • Confirm that the certificates are in order
  • Well in advance of move, you should ensure that the insurance certificate is in the hands of the appropriate building personnel at BOTH buildings.
  • Noisy construction work often has to be performed after hours.
    • This additional cost should be factored into the construction budget.
    • Generally, construction trades people are not allowed in the passenger elevator.
  • Usage of freight elevators during non-business hours will have an over time cost applied. This can be a significant cost to the tent, unless if tenant negotiates for free freight elevator during the move in. Keep in mind that buildings typically change for freight elevator usage before or after regular business hours.
  • Well in advance, schedule move in and out.