Moving Issues & Requirements

Below are major issues you will encounter when moving.

2 months prior to move

  1. Notifications of Move
    • prepare and organize all the names and addresses of companies, or individuals you want to notify of your move using a new letterhead.
    • Notifications should arrive at least a week before you move, and remember to highlight the appropriate effective date.
  2. Standard items needed
    • (1)mailing labels; (2) presentation paper; (3) bank, checks, and deposit slips; (4) stationary ; (5) business cards; (6) envelopes of various sizes; (7) company brochures and literature
  3. Keeping the same logo and design;
    • If you are using the same logo and design for your company, make sure that you get this done ahead of time. Printing alone can take one to two weeks.
  4. New logo or brand from outside firm;
    • Plan at least four weeks before move. Add another two weeks to interview firms. This process will take a minimum of five to eight weeks to complete.
  5. Telecommunication Service
    • It may take you a week or two to obtain quotes on services and costs of desired providers. You should call and order as soon as you decided on the type of service (DSL, T-1 or T-2 line, etc) and the actually date you need the service.
    • Make sure that you know exactly how the building is wired before calling. By doing so, the delivery of your telephone service could not be delayed.
  6. Security System
    • Decide if security system is needed and which companies to chose from.

Prior to move – One to two months

  1. Telecommunications installations dates should be confirm
  2. Order appropriate packing supplies
  3. Schedule for packing and moving
  4. Freight elevator at both building should be reserved.
  5. Choose moving companies. Start negotiating and make sure that the company you chose will be able to provide an insurance certificate.
  6. Notify your insurance agent of your move.

One month before move

  1. Move in and move out dates should be reconfirm
  2. Chosen moving company should have provided you their moving certificate already.
  3. Depending on the building, be prepare to provide them with your employee names for security purposes.

Day before moving

  1. Walk through new location to make sure that everything is set to go and nothing is damaged.
  2. Final confirmation calls
  3. Be sure to have keys to your new space from the Landlords already.
  4. Make sure that insurance coverage is in effect.

Day of Move 1. Review plan with moving company personnel. 2. Walk-through your former location to make sure that everything is cleaned up and that nothing is damaged during the move.


  • 2 months prior to move
  • Prior to move-one to two months
  • One month before move
  • Day before moving