There are two major services related to interior projects that architect firms offer.

  1. Architectural Design Services
  2. Space Planning

San Diego tenant should hire architecture for space planning. One advantage for using an architectural firm to do the space planning is that negotiating a better price is possible if that firm is to be used for the design of the site chosen. An architect’s assistance is advisable if your projects involved reconfiguring, offices, ceilings, finishes, etc. They will ensure that all building code and other requirement are met in the completion of the work.

Before companies/tenant should begin searching for space, they should evaluate their space needs first.

When searching for a new space, you should try to avoid touring for spaces that the initial estimate differs considerably from the company’s actual requirement. Significant time can be wasted for touring spaces that are basically the wrong size.

For larger companies, an architect or space planner should be retained at any early stage to perform this analysis.

For smaller firms, you should estimate your space required yourself by using our space estimator to save you time, plus, it is cost efficient, and effective. If needed, an architect could be hire in the later stage to execute design.

An architectural firm is not necessary if you are just making minor adjustment to your space.

Architectural firms will often include within their contract price bids of costs from appropriate engineering firms, depending on the complexity of the engineering requirement for the space.



For interior construction, engineer’s specialties are; HVAC (heating, air conditioning, and ventilation), telecommunications, acoustical, electrical, and in some cases structural. Using an Engineers consultant can significantly impact the cost and usage of a particular system.



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